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Company Profile

COIN TECH Debit Card System, a worldwide supplier of cashless debit card system, POS and redemption solutions, customer loyalty, booking and ticketing, electronic ticket operation and a range of business management modules; keeps bringing key answer products to the constant developing market.


COIN TECH was founded in Argentina over 25 years ago and was directly focused into provide a key answer to the developing amusement market; experiencing an impressive company growth and a solid product evolution.

Game System®, the company’s core software, offers operators an all-in-one solution that fully operates every aspect of their family entertainment business. Using magnetic cards, guests will be able to play games, access to attractions and rides, pay bowling lanes, buy food and souvenirs, and gain prizes through promotions and powerful marketing tools.

With Game System, Coin Tech provides the necessary tools in order to stop the cash bleeding with technology; regulate the games pricing and incomes; a variety of marketing tools to have a better operation; loyalty programs; promotions, track transactions and monitor efficiently what the business is doing.

The company has customers all around world, from Argentina to Australia. Their distribution network includes Latin America, Europe and Asia, and Middle East. As a global team, the software technical support is centralized in Argentina, along with a specialized team regarding hardware support and Gulf Area Sales, based Dubai.

With the full support of COIN TECH’S customer care, every operator shapes a strategic vision for their business growth, gaining understanding of its global potential and achieves a leading role in their specific market area.

For the company, an excellent customer service is a company standard and a very proud earned tittle. In their opinion Customer service is the provision of service to customers before, during and after a purchase. COIN TECH provides a range of customer services to assist customers in making cost effective and correct use of their products. It includes assistance in planning, installation, training, trouble shooting, maintenance, and upgrading COIN TECH’S products.

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Learn about COIN TECH’S products, get quotes, view online demos, get the latest technology for FECS, and more. Connect with our sales or technical support team, and get professional advice from COIN TECH
Feel free to contact the local office responsible for your region:

USA Call FREE: +1 877 8828 872
Mexico +52 55 5652-0006
Europe and Asia +34 93 276 1148
Middle East +971 4 297 9647
ARGENTINA – Head Office
Jacinto Ríos 1365 Córdoba X5004 ATC
Ph: +54 351 4263826

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